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Team motto: In Rust We Trust.

 Steven Nelson is currently looking for employment Here is my resume

Over the years My Father and I have been involved in Many things from Automotive and Diesel Mechanics to Commercial Fishing, Tractor Pulling, Flying small aircraft as a Private Pilot, Robotic Combat, Fire art and even Power Tool Drag Racing...
Steven Nelson is also a founding member of the Society Of Robotic Combat (SORC) and the Robot Fighting League (RFL)
It's been a long strange adventure building and fighting Robots since 1997.

I have had the privilege to meet wonderfully smart and crazy folks from all over the world
It all started with a robot called S.L.A.M  Which was a gasoline powered full body spinning wedge.
After S.L.A.M we built a fully gasoline powered robot called K.I.S.S from the parts of a very used riding lawn mower

K.I.S.S was the first robot to lose  a fight in a Battlebots event. I'm almost proud of that. He.He....

Then came Liquid Lunch (Hydraulic crusher too heavy), Electric Lunch (Pusher), Half Gassed (Half Gasoline driven and Half Electric driven hybrid pushybot), Vendetta (gasoline powered spinner), Snack Break (Antweight Wedge) and finally Evelyn a Modified Dawg (pusher) (Four time Heavyweight champion 2003)

At latest count I have been involved in about 63 robotic projects so far. I have been a builder/designer, competitor, rules coodinator, combat event judge, event organizer, technical inspector,safety officer and head wrangler for more fights than I can remember.

Yep it's been a long strange trip all right.... Follow the links to see what we have been up to.....

Team S.L.A.M and Team K.I.S.S at Battlebots 3.0
Lowell Nelson and Half Gassed (left) Steven Nelson and Electric Lunch (right)
Trusty torch in (center)

Arduino Tips. Many of the things that I have learned since I started using and programming the Arduino Microcontrollers.

Some of My robot combat Videos..

Wow! check out this Video of Electric Lunch Fighting  Minion At Battlebots 3.0

Evelyn fighting MEGAbyte (Video download)

Evelyn vs Tornado Mer. January 2003

Evelyn vs Frostbyte. January 2003 

Evelyn vs Frostbyte. March 2003 

Evelyn vs MEGABYTE. RoboGames 2004

Eva my little tele-presence guided rover, Robot gets me a Beer!

More of my robot videos

Minkey the Monkey Movie

Cal Averas, my skeletal robot with voice recognition. 

Beer2D2 meets R2D2 at RoboGames in San Mateo, Ca.

Ethel was a tree growing off of his shoulder, dancing at RoboGames 2010

Lynxbot, experimenting with robot vision using Roborealm

Magazine articles written by Steven Kirk Nelson.
ROBOT magazine.
A Robot named Ethel, (A Via nano-itx 1GHz PC based powerful 300 lb friendly robot), Nov-Dec 2009.
EVA the Robot, (My little robot friend and helper), Jan-Feb 2010.

SERVO magazine. 

Unwrapping a daVinci 3D Printer 
March 2015, Page 42

Robotics is well known for its camaraderie among competitors. Here’s a story of how that friendship led to the acquisition of a 3D printer.

e-NABLE’s Open Source 3D Printed Hand
December 2014, Page 67
Building robots isn’t always about fun and games. There’s a lot of humanitarian projects that can be developed. Take, for example, the Raptor
hand that is bringing functionality and joy to all kinds of folks.

Cal Alveras — the Making of a New Friend
August 2014, Page 53
As projects often go, one simple idea can lead down unexpected paths. See how the Microsoft Kinect sensor, a book, and a stuffed animal led to the creation of this boney beast.

Bran Dee’s Bar — A Drink Making Robot
 February 2014, Page 44
Follow the journey of a pile of parts and inspiration to a drink serving Barbot.

Team Kiss My Snake Tears It Up With a Barbie Jeep
October 2013, Page 38
When combat roboticists are in the off-season, they take some of that technology and build race cars. Find out what happened when Team KISS Robotics and Team Plumb Crazy joined forces at a recent event.

BarBot 2013 Serves Up Some Intoxicating Entries
Project: July 2013, Page 58
Building a beverage-serving bot takes a fair amount of time and money. Learn how some of the entries came up with their creations for this popular annual event.

Book Review: The Arduino Cookbook
December 2011, Page 54
I would rank it five out of five stars for a reference book.

The Safe Use of Lithium Polymer or Lithium-Ion Batteries in a Combat Robot.
January 2011, Page 27
I recently got back from COMBOTS 5 where I was the arena wrangler. Basically, my job was to provide safety and also train several new wranglers in the procedures used in running an event. A wrangler’s job is not an easy one.

The Evolution of Ethel, August 2010

The Flaming Lotus Girls and the Serpent Mother, Feb 2007. (The amazing Serpent Mother project)

Some do it with Lead, (using Seald Lead Acid batteries), April 2007

Fingers and toes,  (event safety and the Wranglers job), May 2007

Chains- putting the growl in your drive train,  (building drive trains with chain), May 2007

Welding Safety, (how not to burn down your shop), Sept, 2006

The Robot Fighting League (RFL)
In 2003 Several of the Event Organizers and builders got together and formed a Natiowide Robotic Combat League with a common rule set to make the sport more flexable and better for the builders.

Theres been a heck of a lot of events since then, all across the United States with builders and machines from all over the Earth.  Hundreds of  folks working together, competing against unique creations and learning from each other as well.

If you are interested in Robotic Combat then check out the RFL. New Builders, Friends, Sponsers and Fans are always welcome. Visit The RFL website

Check Out theses Videos Of  Robotic Combat from RFL events.


Combots Promo Video  If you think the robots from a few years ago were powerful. You won't believe the current level of carnage. Bigger, Badder, Meaner, The Arms race never ends.....

Wow! Google Just announced a Race to the Moon
Win $20,000,000 by landing a robot on the lunar surface.

Google Lunar X-prize

Recently I watched the Robo-One machines in action. They are just Too cool.

 Robo1 Page1
Robo1 page2
Robo1 fights
Robo1 fights page1
Robo1 fights page2
Robo-one videos


We  have also Won!! The 2006 , 2007 and the 2008 Power Tool Drag Racing event(s) in the Super Stockclass and the 2008 Funny Car class!! (see the links below)...

I built a little Red Rocket car..
The Red Rocket Racer Rocket powered Funny Car
Powertool Drag Races 2008

Hot RacingVideo's
Power Tool Drag Race Video 4
Power Tool Drag Race Video 3
Power Tood Drag Race Matt Dawg Video
Powertool Drag Race Testing

Power Tool Drag Races 2006

Power Tool Drag Races  2004

Electric Launch, Electric Bike exsperiment

Fire Art (some of the other projects I've done for fun)

Tuning up the Worlds Most Dangerous Margarita Mixer

Oh Tan-N-Boom (My little Christmas tree).

Fun with Four Poofers

Mini Poof a very small vapor cannon for robotic combat

Sacramento Decompression 2010 and four of my Poofers

The Serpent Mother sculpture (Flaming Lotus Girls)
The Serpent Mother

Flaming Lotus Girls
(I'm a proud minion of this group of fire artists)


Ethel was a tree growing off of his shoulder (My little 300 lb. Girl robot)
Winner of the Sliver medal (Artbot best of show) RoboGames April 2010.

David Calkins (Robogames) gives Ethel a smootch.

Ethel meets Grant Imahara at Robogames 2010

Beer2D2 at Maker Faire 2011 San Mateo, Ca.
Beer2D2 is my latest robot he was originally built for Robo Games 2011.

Beer2D2 is loosely based on the Astromech R2D2 units from a galaxy Far far away.

Ethel The Robot
Ethel video (Ethel dancing at RoboGames 2010)
LynxBot(a little test robot).
LynxBot video (object tracking)

Antweight robots (Servo Hacking and Stuff)

Team K.I.S.S Tips (Robot drive train Math and Stuff)

Robot Torque / Amp-Hour Calculator (Steve Judd)

Battlebot builders guide

The Builder (a short story)
Construction pictures of K.I.S.S
Electric Lunch
Evelyn a Modified Dawg (four time champion fighting robot)
Battlebots Vegas pics
 Underground Robot Street fight (Battlebots before it all started)
Using the Innovation First Victor 883
speed controller with the Hitec Prizum 7 radio
Robotic Links
My Resume
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