Battlebots Las Vegas 1999 Pics
Well Team S.L.A.M recently went to the second battlebots competition.
This event was held for just Gigabots weighing up to 210 lbs. And a new class Terabots weighing up to 488 lbs. Oh Boy we are finally getting enough  weight to put in lots of armor and powerful motors , engines and lots of battery's. The weapons are bigger and the machines are meaner.
This event will be broadcast on Pay Per View on January 29, 2000.

Lets get to the pictures

Blunt force trauma

This baby rotates a flame cut saw blade. Watch your ankles!

The drive unit...
The saw blade is driven by a starter motor by means of a rubber cone. Sort of a carnie wheel arrangement. Like an amusement ride.

Abattoir aka Blue Thunder.
Ray Scully

This rotating weapon weighs a 100 lbs It's basically a piece of 6 inch wide bar stock  that's about 6 foot long mounted to a automobile rim. When this thing is spun up it could ruin your whole day.

World peace
This robot is powered buy a chain saw motor driving a hydraulic pump. The drive wheels  are powered by hydraulic motors. The weapon is powered by two hydraulic rams.
(totally cool)

A little sharpning of the hydraulic claw weapon. All in the name of peace of course. (Ya Right).

AS you can see there's the Stihl chain saw engine that drives the hydraulic pump. Team S.L.A.M voted for this robot for best engineering.

I really liked this robot. It showed a lot of design skills.

Mechadon (Team Sinister)
I believe that Team Sinister had the only walker this time. This is also an excellent piece of engineering. It has this Death blossom attack mode that you just have to see to believe. This is scary stuff.

Mark Setrakian inadvertently triggers the OMINOUS FADE TO BLACK STEALTH MODE and Team Sinister almost blinks out of existence.
We'll it's either that or I should have let the capacitors recharge in the flash unit of my camera (you make the call)


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