Super heavyweights
325 lbs wheeled.  488 lbs walking.
Abattoir (Team Wetware)
This robot has a 97 lb  motor driven rotating blade weapon. The frame is made from chrome molly steel

Ray Scully and crew preparing to install the Vantec speed controller

Typical for most of the competitors the robots require constant repair and maintenance.

A little robot heart surgery as the speed controller is installed.

Diesector (Team Tazbot)
A brand new robot built by Donald Hutson.

Man this is a cool machine! It features two hammer type weapons and three lifting blades.

Donald Hutson tuning and tweaking in preparation for an upcoming match.

I really like the artistic style used in the shape of the blade weapons. This shows that dangerous weapons can still look cool. Nice job.

The tires on this robot are the non pneumatic type found on wheelchairs. I've considered using these on a future robot.  They offer good traction like pneumatic tires. But they wont deflate when some of the nastier things in the arena get a hold of them.

Like his heavyweight Tazbot this robot shows a lot of style and design skills.


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