325 lbs wheeled. 488 lbs walking.

Ginsu (La Ma Motors)
Trey Roski ,Greg Munson ,Scott La Valley
You know if it wasn't for theses guys there wouldn't be an event. Team S.L.A.M would like to say thank you to all of you for all of your hard work and expense.

Boy Ginsu has changed since we last saw it in Vegas. Gone are the upright set of drive wheels (Blades). This latest incarnation must be at least 6 feet wide. We new that the last version had a stability problem it was easy to turn on its side. We had planed on taking advantage of this but not anymore. Wider is Better. In this configuration Ginsu has 4 drive blades in contact with the ground. Also there are  two more in the center for the slice and dice effect. Can you say extreme lacerations?


Trey rolling Ginsu over to the official photography area.

Trey getting a little weight training lifting the back end of this Superheavy.

Trey and team doing some fine tuning. They had a lot of work to do in keeping the show running and maintaining their robot for battle. You really have to respect the dedication to the sport and the business of Battlebots.

 The work never stops no matter how ready you are. There's always something left in your mind.Theres always something that you think you might have forgot. So you have to check and recheck everything about a million times. And then do it again. This is all part of the fun. Right?

Grendel (Team Malicious)
Beyond this point there be Dragons!
This monster is painted up with scales and wings and magic things. It also features a hammer type weapon that is powered with a large extension spring that is retracted or cocked with a large linear actuator from a satellite dish.


This Dragon has teeth. This is the business end of Grendel. Robots like this are the reason we upgraded the top armor on S.L.A.M


Grendel awaiting final assembly.


S.L.A.M (Team SL.A.M)
Boy good old S.L.A.M is getting fat this robot started out designed for the heavyweight class at 180 lbs. It now weighs in at 304 lbs. I'm starting to notice the lower three vertebrae in  my back every time we have to lift it. In this latest configuration a 37 lb  26 "plow disk made of FARM STEEL was added to the top to protect us from hammer type weapons. This brings the rotating weight up to 147 lbs.


People ask me why did you paint it purple. Well it isn't purple. Its (Wine). Which is what our competitors sometimes do when they have to face us. (Just kidding) Well sorta. The blade weapons now have some steel shark like teeth on them. These are coated with Tungsten Carbide Hard facing welding rod for toughness. There has also been a complete belly pan added to protect the internal parts from the arena saws and spikes.


Boy what a nice picture of me with my game face on. Well it's either that or I just dropped the robot on my foot again. This happens a lot.


My Cousin Holly came by to see what the heck we have been up to.

The first Hopefully not annual Robowash 2000.


You know Friday started out as a pretty good day We actually got our repaired speed controller installed about 8:00 am. We assembled the entire robot and we took it outside for its first powered test with the now 37 lb heavier rotator. And By golly everything worked . All we needed was a little adjustment to the carburetor on the engine and we were ready to rock. After the tech inspection and weigh in we were done for the day.
Unfortunately at about 9:00 pm one of the crew was driving a large self powered Man lift. And he got a little too close to to a 3/4" water valve and broke it off. This little gusher sent about 100 gallons of water into the Heavyweight/Superheavyweight pits. This was sorta scary because of all of the 220 VAC power lines running thru-out the pit on the floor. Well the Battlebots crew did a fine job of getting the water and power turned off. And they mopped up most of the wet spots.  Well S.L.A.M having racers luck got totally hosed down. Now I had some work to do. I had to disassemble the speed controller and the radio receiver. Then I borrowed a air compressor from one of the crew (Thank You) and spent some quality time blow drying all of the electronics and mechanical parts.


Fortunately we were able to power up S.L.A.M the next morning and the electronics still worked. The chain saw engine was slinging water when we started it but they are supposed to run in the rain any ways. One good thing came from this accident most of the greasy parts on S.L.A.M were a lot cleaner than they have been in a long time.


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