58 lbs wheeled.  87 lbs walking.

Alpha Raptor  (Team Raptor)
This 4 wheeled robot features a lifting arm weapon with a beautifully machined set of blades

Team Raptor hails from Phoenix Arizona and they are the organizers of the Botbash competitions.

Alpha Raptor
Backlash (Team Nightmare)
This little terror is a miniature version of the Heavyweight robot Nightmare. It spins this aluminum disk at very high RPM's. The disk has stainless steel striking bits, which tears holes in almost everything they touch.

Here's Jim Smentowski doing a little maintenance on Backlash.

Dr. Inferno Jr. (Inferno lab)
The good doctor is is always a favorite with the fans because of his personality. This version had a nicely built base unit. It features hinged flaps on all sides to prevent lifting.

This robot also has an assortment of cutting and drilling weapons. This helps the doctor perform a little elective surgery on it's competition.

Even the doctor needs a little repair from time to time.

Ziggo (Team Ziggy)
This robots weapon is extremely powerful it uses an electric motor to spin this disk a over 2000 RPM's. It has been known to toss its competitors parts clear over the battle box walls. Believe me kids this Cat has claws

Ziggo uses this long pole to help in indicating in which direction the drive unit is facing. One of the problems with rotating robots is you cant tell where the drive wheels are while driving it. This makes driving them a challenge to say the least.

Another shot of Ziggo's disk. Notice the vertical claw weapons.

One of the big challenges in building this type of robot everything must fit inside of the disk or drum type weapon.

Ziggo returning from battle. It looks like someone broke off its pointer. Ouch!



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