210 lbs wheeled. 315 lbs walking.

Blendo (Team Blendo)
A formidable rotating robot that uses a four stroke gasoline engine to Rotate that yellow disk at high RPM's. The disk has two vertical blades that knock the heck out of its competitors. Blendo was one of the reasons that the Battle box was created.  It takes a strong arena to contain the parts it's known to remove from its competition.
The dome on Blendo has been reinforced with kevlar to protect the inner components from damage.

The Mauler (South bay Robowarriors)

Recent upgrades to this venerable robot have caused a lot of excitement and fear in the robotic combat community.
The Mauler uses dual drive motors for locomotion. The weapon is driven by a large electric motor reported to put out 5 H.P.
The Mauler went to England to compete in the UK Robot wars show. Unfortunately it wasn't allowed to run because of safety concerns. They were afraid their arena might not withstand the power of this robot. This is why  it has Banned in Britain hand painted on its side.
The large electric motor spins this aluminum disk at about 500 RPM's. It features weapons including spiked maces and The chisels of Armageddon. The damage these new weapons  inflict is...
Most impressive.
The robot shows classic construction refined over many competitions and battles. As it turns out the simple designs are usually the most reliable. Notice the rubber bushing connecting the body to the drive unit. These are to help absorb impacts during combat

The supreme commander Charles Tilford. Always a character and a great fellow to talk to.

Jerome Miles having a chat with the commander.


The South bay Robowarriors having a discussion while surrounding the heavyweight robot Punjar. While its owner Ramiro Mallari looks on.


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