325 lbs wheeled. 488 lbs walking.
Doall (La Ma Motors)
Scott LaValley operates  and maintains this monster tank type robot.
This  robot has proven to be a hard one to kill.

Another colorful member of the Doall gang.

Doall features a powerful pneumatic ram weapon which can be raised and lowered for optimum target selection. The robot also has a lifting ramp weapon facing rearward.

Doall has an attractive brushed finish to its side plates. This is one of the robots that have lots of nice work on the insides.

Jerome Miles inspecting the inner workings of Doall.

wheeled 210 lbs. walking 315 lbs.

 Mjollnir (Kampfgruppe V)
This robot features an ax or hammer type weapon. The weapon is operated by  the drive motor applying force to the tires. The motor(s) torque causes the robot body and weapon to rotate in the opposite direction with great velocity. These type of robots are hard to disable because they can run upside down.

The robot uses Hoosier pneumatic tires on aluminum rims. I believe they are from Legend racing cars.

Don Lariviere adjusting his blade weapons with a jig saw.

Kill-o-amp (Operation Boilermaker)
Defiantly a kinetic energy type robot. This machines weapon is to crash into its opponents at a high rate of speed.

These are the large Optima batteries that power the 1000 amp current draw that the motors require.

Amy Sun preparing Kill-o-Amp for battle while the Supreme Commander looks on.

Curt Meyers and Amy Sun installing one of those big Optima batteries.

Knome II (Team Duct Tape)
Jerome Miles built this pusher type robot out of Lexan and bravely fought it in the heavyweight class.

This robot had a lot of personality. I think the audience really liked watching it in battle.

Jerome Miles repairing some of the battle damage inflicted on Knome II.

 Knome II has 4 drive motors but its still a little light duty for the heavyweight class.

Carlo Bertocchini (Team BioHazard)  It's sorta been a running joke that Carlo builds such strong and reliable robots that he never brings any tools to an event. Well this time I caught him grinding the lock of of his toolbox. He said he left the keys in his car and it was too far to walk to get them. Boy I'll tell you what. If I had to fight in the heavyweight class I'd open my toolbox too.


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