wheeled 210 lbs. walking 315 lbs
The fine fellows from England

Killerhurtz (Team Killerhurtz)
All Lexan body construction make this a visible robot.

Killerhurtz features a CO2 powered hammer weapon that hits with lots of force.

John Reid and Dominic Parkinson seem to be constantly at work on this robot. People have wondered how they get the Lexan body to survive all of the battles that they fight. I think I have it figured out they just keep making new pieces.

Lowell Nelson (Team S.L.A.M) checking out the work on this very complicated robot. John looks like he's having fun.


You have to respect the hard work and expense that all of the teams from England have to endure. Shipping and traveling over 6000 miles. These guys got it down to a science This robot splits into two haves and fits into two duffle bags. They check it as luggage on the airplane. I Imagine the person running the x-ray machine wonders what the heck was that that just went by.

Dominic Parkinson repairing some of the battle damage. Just another day in the life of a robot gladiator

John and Dominic showing some of the multitude of bits that make up Killerhurtz to the media.

Suicidal Tendencies (Team Suicide)
Charles Binns and Andrew Jeffery built this nicely executed tank robot There is a lot of nice work on the track assembly and drive mechanism

Proudly flying the Union Jack Team Suicide prepares for their upcoming battle.

I really think this is a great looking robot. Well done.


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