wheeled 325 lbs. walking 488 lbs.
Ronin (Team Sinister)
Peter Abrahamson upgraded this tank type robot to run in the Superheavyweight class.
Ronin shows a lot of fine design and impressive machine work. On heck of a lot of time on a milling machine was spent in making all of the links in the tank tread.
The robot now has an impressive looking saw weapon that uses one of the custom blades that are also used in the arena weapons. These blades have cut through all known materials so far. As you can see you have to cram a lot of components in a small area. These type of robots are probably one the most difficult kind to build.
Peter  wisely added some spikes to act as sheilding for the rumble to help protect some of the more difficult parts to replace.
Mechadon (Team Sinister)
This robot should be in a class all by itself. Watching it in operation is an amazing experence. It's motion is very fluid and life like. It's almost scarry to watch it and yet you cant close your eyes because you don' want to miss any of its tricks.
On of the cool thing this mechanized monster can do is walk over to its stand lower its base to the block and the raise its legs so it can be worked on. That is too cool.
You know walking by this machine makes me always want to keep an eye on it. In case it wants to reach out and grab me.

Mark Setrakian taking notes. This sorta worries me.
I'm wondering what he will come up with next!



Like most everyone else Mark spends lots of hrs working on his robot to prepare for competition

I just had to put up another picture of those beautifully sculptured legs.


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