wheeled 325 lbs. walking 488 lbs.

Minion (Cool Robots)
A new version of that six wheel drive fighting machine. This time out it was sporting a new emergency rescue saw with one of those cut anything blades.


The robot has very powerful motors in the 4 H.P. range. It maneuvers amazingly well and accelerates very quickly.


Christian Carlburg performing some last minute adjustments in preparation for battle.


Team work is what makes the magic happen for all of the robots.


Greymatter (Team Greymatter)
The first time out for this new robot. It features lots of speed and a very powerful 4 wheel drive unit. It also uses an all steel construction which we at Team S.L.A.M can appreciate.
GreyMatter use two 3 H.P. golf cart motors for motorvation. It also has a home built h-bridge for motor control using 8 solenoids. With this system you only have full power. When you want to move things happen real fast. They said that the tires burn the treads off very quickly.
This robot has two powerful drive motors. it also features a dual set of saw blades that can extend and retract on command. There are also two of those new Reactor power cell batteries incased in the robot in what looks like insulating foam for shock mounting.

Rammstein (Team Ramtech59)  This is a new entry that came all the way from Florida It was built by students from Florida international University, College of Engineering.

The robot features a ram type weapon powered by CO2 which unfortunately wasn't   finished for this competition. Another interesting  part of this robot was its speed controllers that were made by (Innovation First) builder of robotic control systems for the FIRST robotic competitions. They were experimental controllers that are rated at 24 VDC at 58 Amps they have external fans and use modern surface mount technology.
Boy I sure like seeing schools getting involved in this sport. Robotic combat is a great way to learn how to design machines for any application. If you can build a machine that can't be broken you have learned your lessons very well.


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