wheeled 210 lbs. walking 315 lbs

Tazbot (Team Tazbot)
This a very interesting robot to watch operate. It can scoop you ,wack on you, or lift you. Also it can self right itself using its rotating turret and lifting arm. Man what a ride!!
Tazbot waiting for yet another battle.


Punjar (Ramiro Mallari)
This robot is a classic wedge type design. It features a sloping front plate . Basically its it's attack style is hit them hard and hit them fast. And this machine doe's this very well. It was the first robot to ever beat Blendo in Las Vegas. This robot has taken incredible beatings and always comes back for more.


Another view of the wedge shape on Punjar.


The drive unit  of Punjar As you can see its very simple two motors, two batteries, two chain drives, two large rollers covered with automotive tire tread. All housed in an Aluminum frame.  The drive unit is attached to the wedge body using bolts with rubber bushings to absorb the huge shock loads that occur during high speed impacts.
A one man team. Ramiro always comes to the events all alone. But boy doe's he win a lot of fights. Recent arena weapon upgrades have made his driving task a lot harder. It's become very hard to get a long run at your opponents. Because of saws, ramps, and spikes that pop up through the floor.


Frenzy (Team Minus Zero)
This robot produces some of the wildest fights of any heavyweight. It has a powerful hammer weapon and the ability to self right itself. This critter always puts on a good show.

 Frenzy and team on their way to battle. As you can see these guys are having lots of fun.


Voltarc (Team Voltarc)
Another wedge type robot but it also has a very powerful lifting arm. This robot has become a very deadly heavyweight. On a good day it can take out anybody.
Stephen Felk creator of Voltarc putting some more screws. He wanted to reduce the weight of the robot at the event. So he replaced around 1200 stainless steel screws with aluminum screws to save a pound of weight. All of the screw holes in this machine are hand drilled and tapped (Geese). Well I guess some people like to knit sweaters and other people like to screw.

A little quick maintenance before a trip to the arena for battle.


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