wheeled 115 lbs. walking 173 lbs.


Hazard (Team Delta)
Well the "Got Steel" guys got together and built another deadly little robot . This latest monster features 4 wheel drive nicad battery power. The weapon is a devastating rotating blade that can knock the stuffing out of most anything it comes into contact with.

Dan and Tony preparing to let sup the dogs of war in an upcoming battle. Team S.L.A.M voted for Tony (Butch) for Best Driver because he is so smooth.

Team Delta as well as building fighting fighting robots also sells books, electronics ,T-shirts and stickers.

Just resting in the pits waiting for the carnage to come.


Blade Runner (Team Carnivore)
Ilya Polyakov built this robot. It has an interesting 4 drive motors set up in two pairs of two. He has said the he only paid $9.00 a piece for them as Surplus. Boy a little shopping and some ingenuity can save a lot of money on parts .

The robots weapon  has a very familiar shape on the main blade weapon and two sets of spikes. Running one set of motors in forward and the other set in reverse provides a high rotational speed and brings the spikes into play.

 The robots drive mechanism is covered with a composite shell. Reportedly this material was shipped to Ilya all the way from Russia.


Pressure Drop (Derek Young)
This is a very interesting walking robot it has 6 legs with a mechanical a and  CO2  powered pneumatic movement. Team S.L.A.M voted for this robot for best engineering.

The weapon is a hammer or ax type powered by a large torsional garage door spring. the weapon is loaded buy a automotive winch drive that cocks the spring using a cam drive assembly. The entire weapon rotates on a turrent drive. This is very cool!!

You can see the walking legs two on this side are in contact with the dolly that its standing on. I really like its gait when its walking.


Here's Derek Young holding The infamous Mauler hammer (in stealth mode) which must weight at least 8 lbs. He borrowed this Cow Killer to make some fine adjustments to his frame after a particularly nasty battle. One of the hard things with fighting a walker is other robots keep trying to tear your legs and drive mechanism off.

Pegleg (Team Deranged)
Boy if you think a six legged walker has an interesting movement. You should see this one in action. It only has ONE leg. It doesn't move too fast but it does get there. This is one of the great things in this sport. You never know what you will see, or have to fight.


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