The Construction of S.L.A.M

We started looking for parts in November 1997
First we went scrounging for used Steel plate.
We spent Many Many hundreds of Hrs on the Internet.
We studied all of the other competitors web site we could find.
Many thanks to all of your great pages they were a great help.
Then we found the main drive motor.
And a rear axle.
Then a radio and servos.
Finally it was time to start burning metal.


The design of S.L.A.M is different than most of the other heavyweights
It uses a single 2 HP 24VDC electric motor that drives a gokart differential
Through a  motorcycle chain and sprockets. The differential works the same as
a rear end in a rear wheel drive automobile it has spider gears and side gears.
The differential has a drum brake on each wheel so by applying a break on say
the right side the robot turns to the right and visa versa for left turns.
That's basic farm tractor technology...
By the Way did I mention we Competed in Tractor Pulls for 5 years.
Each brake is actuated by a MEGA servo made by Hitec.
This works well it will turn in its own length...
The  drive motor comes from a  TORO cordless lawn mower.
It's controlled by a Vantec speed controller that provides up to 30 amps of current. S.L.A.M will do about 15-20 mph if given enough room.
We use a HITEC Prizum 7 channel PCM radio and control 5 servos and the Vantec motor controller with it


What can I say about the weapons
Well since the competition is still in a legal battle not much (sorry)
But I will tell you this
We just added 8 lbs of weight to the main weapons. Since the weight limitations have been changed (as per SORC rules Sept. 98)  S.L.A.M will now weight 198 lbs
We have a 2 Hp chain saw motor completely radio controlled with remote starting , throttle and kill switch. We will be adding a relay to cut the power to the receiver and the servos also return springs on all of the servos. To comply with the  latest safety rules
My Boss at work is giving me a riding lawnmower I plan to use this as a opponent for Testing the latest upgrade of S.L.A.Ms design. It weighs over 300lbs it should make a good test robot.
As for the main Weapon(s).???
We've had several scientists trying to figure this out for us for century's including Archimedies, Gallileo and Sir Isaac Newton.
Boy that's one heck of a team isn't it.
My name is Steven Nelson and My Father's name is Lowell Nelson.
So the 5 of us make up Team S.L.A.M
I look forward to the competition whenever it happens.

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