To S.L.A.M
We'll as you know S.L.A.M went up against La Machine in the Underground Robotics Street fight.
Unfortunately S.L.A.M caught a blade on the face of La Machine and was flipped on its backside. Poor S.L.A.M
So after watching the video several times  and some pondering we determined the problem was the design of the rotator was incorrect. Thanks to the 180 lb weight limit rule change to 200 lb. That allowed for a completely new rotator to be built...
The old Rotator was made from a 26" inside diameter sewer pipe which has always made the clearances for the drive unit very tight and very difficult to get all of the parts inside.
So the new rotator was built from scratch out of 10 gage steel plate that was rolled and welded into a 28" inside diameter drum. Also the Blades we put back into the original configuration including the platens that were missing when we fought La Machine. There was also a steel lip added to the bottom of the drum. And now the whole rotating mass ride just a few thousandths above the ground.
Oh and another thing it seems to have gained some kinetic energy and stability probably due to being about 10 lbs heavier and a couple inches wider.
I'm not sure maybe it should be called....
Super S.L.A.M

You can see the steel ring around the base of the rotator. This aids in the Idea of wedge proofing.

Here you can see the platen at the base of the blades.
The rotator now will shave the paint off of this concrete floor. Of course the ride height is adjustable for uneven surfaces.




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